La Frontera Language Services

Health care services

La Frontera can translate Spanish into English or English into Spanish to help you communicate with patients, providers, regulators and insurers.

We also translate or edit clinical case studies and reports prior to submission to English-language professional journals.

Communicate with patients:

  • Translate consent forms, medical history questionnaires, treatment and discharge instructions, and informational brochures
  • Translate websites for clinical practices, businesses, and insurers
  • Translate Power Point presentations for patient education
  • Help you identify Spanish-language videos and PSAs for patient education
  • Provide Spanish-English vocabulary lists tailored to your practice
  • Produce bilingual patient newsletters

Communicate with providers:

  • Translate diagnostic reports and treatment recommendations for patients receiving treatment in another country (medical tourism)

Communicate with insurers:

  • Translate invoices and medical records for insurers or Social Security on behalf of patients who received care in a Spanish-speaking location 

Communicate with readers or regulators:

  • Edit medical papers written by non-English speakers for publication in English-language journals
  • Translate clinical trial documentation for pharmaceutical testing

Past projects

Sample translation projects:

  • Documentation for disability and insurance claims
  • Hospice patient rights and responsibilities
  • Amniocentesis consent form
  • Newborn discharge teaching form
  • Pediatric admission form
  • Smoking survey
  • Radiology reports 
  • Patient clinical history, physical exams, test results, procedures, and treatment orders
  • Articles on Alzheimer's research
  • Documentation for a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of a medication for dementia-related psychosis

Sample editing projects:

  • Case study about a pediatric patient with intermittent epistaxis
  • Subtitles for an informational video for a pharmaceutical company