La Frontera Language Services

Sample past projects

  • Depositions for a class-action lawsuit in        Puerto Rico
  • Depositions for a Chilean extradition procedure
  • Court decisions on mining claims in Peru
  • Bid notifications for government infrastructure, construction, and mining projects (Spain, Mexico)
  • Insurance claims (Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia)
  • International joint venture agreements (Great Britain, Uruguay, Spain, Netherlands)
  • Rental contracts
  • Discoverable documents in claims for breach of contract or fraud
  • Birth and marriage certificates 

Legal documents

La Frontera can translate Spanish into English or English into Spanish to help you  

  • work with colleagues and clients 

  • respond to requests for bids and proposals

  • defend against or pursue legal claims or actions

  • immigrate to the United States or emigrate to a Spanish-speaking country.

*Please note, we do not do courtroom interpretation.  If you need a legal interpreter, you can refer to the Wyoming Supreme Court's interpreter information page: