Communicate with clients and customers:

  • Translate press releases
  • Translate marketing brochures
  • Translate websites
  • Translate Power Point presentations
  • Translate or summarize general or industry news from other countries
  • Translate business proposals and contracts
  • Translate consulting reports
  • Research the Latin American or Spanish markets
  • Edit previously developed material

Communicate with partners:

  • Translate contracts and agreements
  • Translate or edit presentations or reports
  • Translate shareholder newsletters

Communicate with co-workers:

  • Translate employee handbooks and forms
  • Provide Spanish-English vocabulary lists tailored to your business
  • Produce bilingual employee newsletters



Sample translation projects:

  • Offshore petroleum exploration agreement between a European company and a South American country
  • Press releases for the leading Spanish dairy company
  • Joint venture agreement for renovation of a UN building in Geneva
  • "Banking Basics" Power Point
  • Consultant reports on water development projects in Spain
  • Consultancy proposal for an economic development project in Africa
  • Partnership agreement between a Spanish engineering company and the leading European aircraft manufacturer
  • Employment contracts
  • Resumes
  • Industry-specific articles from Spanish and Latin American media (retail, import/export, petroleum, wind energy, medical research)

Sample editing projects:

  • Summarization of articles on taxation in India and U.S.-India relations
  • Editing of English subtitles in a 14-minute video promoting a Chinese pharmaceutical company to potential American investors

Sample market research projects:

  • Internet research to find Mexican buyers for industrial printing equipment
  • Estimation of the size of a regional Spanish-speaking market
  • Report on university language requirements and available proficiency tests for the developer of computerized language-learning applications

Past projects

La Frontera can translate Spanish into English or English into Spanish to help you communicate with clients, partners, and co-workers.

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